The world stands at a crossroads. While there are more people on the planet than ever before, we are struggling to develop equitable communities due to income inequalities and the gap between the unemployed and the skills needed to build the future.

In 2007, Julie Logan, a professor of entrepreneurship, released the results of a study of 102 U.S. entrepreneurs showing 35% identified themselves as having Dyslexia. This is significant with incident rates of Dyslexia recorded at 10% in the general population.

However, unidentified Dyslexia can be very disabling, especially at times of high unemployment and when employers are expecting a minimum of C Grades in GCSE examinations.

There needs to be a cultural shift in how we construct Dyslexia. Obstacles are too often placed in the way of children with Dyslexia at school, even though famous people with Dyslexia are considered to be some of the most creative people in business, in the arts and in the sciences.

An aim of Dyslexiatribe is, therefore, to generate ideas together, as existing and potential social entrepreneurs of all age groups, in our studies, at work and in our communities to go forward with confidence.

Our members’ area provides a private Facebook group. We host a business directory to gather interest from businesses to support people with Dyslexia, which offers a level of free advertising and is accessed from the ‘directory’ tab in the navigation menu of the website. Finally there’s a Facebook page to show your support by liking us.

We hope you will agree that human potential should not be constrained by unsupported Dyslexia. Let’s raise the bar together!

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